Region VI

Programs or Access to based on Veteran Preference

Requires: VR&E Counselor or requests for services through VA Form 28-1900, you must be 30% or more connect for approval (less than 50%, you must claim within one year of discharge from active duty).


**Disclaimer: Available to all veterans serving under honorable conditions


Click -  Here is a reason why you should collect your benefits and seek increases with supporting documents. - Published June 4, 2024 at 

Click - Federal actions around marijuana reclassification will not help veterans who use the substance - Published June 4, 2024 at  (in accordance with UCMJ Article 112a

Click - Project Manager Professionals (PMP) Certification for FREE - see Details  - Published June 3, 2024 at
Class will be Thursday, June 20, at 4 pm


* Learn More About Your Disability: Read 38 CFR, part 4, subpart B (for your awareness)



If you know of an program or benefit available for our veterans please share with us at  It is our intent to provide what we find to be accessible to veterans.  Thank you for serving for us or for your support in care of a service member.