Region VI

In holding with the mission of NABVETS, the Kentucky Command Council is working to aid and support veterans across the state of Kentucky. Chapters #23 Lexington, KY., Chapter #56 Louisville, Ky. and Chapter #70 Fort Knox, KY., come together to work on many projects and events, along with our community partners .

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  • Honoring Women Veterans Month - The Month of March has been set as the official month to honor Women veterans and service women. NABVETS honors women veterans by having a program designed by women and run by women veterans and Auxiliary members. Each year this program will move from one Chapter to another. Vendors, agencies and organizations that offer support and assistance will be present to display what they offer to veterans. 
  • NABVETS at the Kentucky State Fair - Each year the Kentucky State Fair is held in August at the Louisville fairgrounds. NABVETS and the Kentucky State Command Council comes out and honors veterans and service personnel, the first Monday of the fair, "Military Monday." This event has become the starting point of NABVETS partnering up with many organizations that offer support for veterans, as well as joining forces with the Kentucky National Guard in an effort to bring the gap and create more opportunities to aide all veterans across Kentucky.
    Military Monday
  • Image Awards "Gathering of Eagles" - The Eagle has been a sign of strength, freedom and service for America for many years. NABVETS has made The Eagle a main stay of service, honor and appreciation to veterans that have served in their military duty and have come back home to serve in their communities. It is also awarded to organizations, and civic leaders and other groups that show their support in working to help assure a more positive lifestyle for all veterans.
    Gathering of Eagles
  • "Lights of Honor" - Lights of Honor is a dual project. 1) It serves as an honor for selected veterans who are and have served in the community. 2) An area in a neighborhood is recognized as dark or not being well lit, a light is added to that area to light it up.
  • "Cemetery Honor" - Even though the military has provided many sites set aside for burial of veterans, some families have decided not to bury their family members in these cemeteries. Some veterans are buried in small neighborhood or church cemeteries. In one small community of Louisville called Newburg, sits a small cemetery named Petersburg / Newburg Cemetery, Forest Home Cemetery. NABVETS Chapter #56 has adopted this site as its own. A small historic site that holds interest to members of Louisville Chapter #56 as they are decedents of the Founding Mother of the Newburg area Eliza Hundley Tevis. Mrs. Tevis was one of the first free black women to own land in Kentucky, also is said she was the first woman to have had a pre-nuptial agreement written in the country.
    Petersburg / Newburg Cemetery

Events and Projects:

The Eagles at Rest project has broken ground and is in the works today. The groundbreaking, although was a little cold, was a wonderful event. Thanks to all of those that were able to attend the event. Metro Council Commission President: Jim King, District 6 Commissioner: Dr. Barbara Shanklin, Forest Home Cemetery President: Stephen Williams and Cemetery Committee Curator: Donald Goodwin, NABVETS National Chaplin: Bishop McClendon, NABVETS Region VI Commander: Shedrick Jones, State Commander: Rev. Dr. James Thurman, Chapter Commanders James Thurman - Chapter #23, Richard Ware. - Chapter #70, Rodney Crockett - Chapter #56 and other guest.



Thanks again to Evans Monument Company for the wonderful work that they are doing to restore those headstones that are in need of repair. We are coming together to put together the pieces and honor those who served and have run their last race, but never to be forgotten. Below is a before and after of a couple of the veteran headstones in the cemetery.
You can view the cemetery website at: Forest Home Cemetery .