Region VI

State Command

State Kentucky, Commander (Rev. Dr.) James H. Thurman, Jr.

State Vice-Commander, Kathleen Cursh-Gray

Lexington Chapter 0023, meets 2nd Tues each month. CDR (Rev. Dr.) James Thurman

Louisville Chapter 0056, Vacant

Fort Knox Chapter 0070, meets 4th Thurs each month. CDR Irvin Lyons Jr.
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NABVETS Kentuckiana Chap 0113, Shedrick J. Jones Sr.

Ky Tri-County Chapter 125, meets 2nd Saturday of each month, CDR Katherine Cursh-Gray                                                       

State Missouri Commander CDR Joyce Washington-Templeton 

Kansas City Chapter 0041, meets 3rd Sat each month, CDR Rebecca Bradley                                                                 

East St Louis Chapter 0103 Vacant

State Ohio, Vacant                                                                              

Cincinnati Chapter 0068, CDR Stephen Scott meets 3rd Sat each month., 

Samuel L. Felton Jr., Chapter 0074; CDR Jessie Hill,  

Columbus Chapter 114, Vacant

State Tennessee, Vacant

State Southern Indiana Vacant

Indianapolis Indiana Hoosier Chapter #0133, CDR Rhonda Seward