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CDR Shedrick J.Jones Sr.
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Beverly Truitt  Oct 12, 2013 (Laura Truitt)

SGT Joseph Thomas Hurrigan  Jan 30, 2014

William Franklin Devon Stewart-Smith  Mar 7, 2014

Alice L. Maxey Mustain  March 22, 2014 (John Mustain)

Goodell Britt Campbell  Mar 26, 2014

Raymond Jeffery Tinker  Apr 2, 2014 (LLoyd Davis)

Lynnora V. Richardson  May 6, 2014 (Linda Robinson)

Michael T. Jordan  May 12, 2014  (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)

Lonnie D Goldston, Sr May 31, 2014 (Shedrick J Jones Sr.)

Virgie M. Randolph August 31, 2014 (Pastor & Mrs. Palmer)

Charles Wilson Jr. Sept 3, 2014 (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)

Warren E. Smith Sepember 6, 2014 (Terry & Linda Robinson)

Laken Cosby Jr. Sept 13, 2014 (Shedrick J.Jones Sr.)

Alvin Bernard Larue, Sr Feb 12, 2014 (Shedrick J. Jones Sr.)

Clarence Kimbrough II, Feb 8, 2015 (Shedrick J. Jones, Sr.)

Phyllis Laverne Kimbrough, Jan27, 2015 (Shedrick J. Jones Sr.)

Stanley Anthony Keese, Jan 30, 2015, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr.)

Sequita Shonta Kirkwood, May 31, 2014, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr.)

Homer Davis, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr.)

Noble "Chico" Malone, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)

Pierce W. Taylor, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)

Charles T. Dickie Stewart, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)

Robert McCutchan, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)

James Chester McGill, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)

Marvin E. McCommer, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)

Arthur AB Bailey Sr., (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)

Gary Threeta Jr, March 31, 2015, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)

Curtis L. Buford, April 4, 2015, (Michael Hudson)

Franklin Givens Sr, April 4, 2015, (Irvin Lyons Jr)

Lewis Hezekiah Smith Sr, April 6, 2015, (Linda Robinson)

Gerald R "Jerry" Goebel (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)

Marvin Anthony Graham, (Shedrick J. Jones, Sr)

Grady Eddings Jr, April 20, 2015, (Shedrick J. Jones, Sr)

Vickie B. Johnson, April 21, 2015, (Shedrick J. Jones, Sr)

Venita Williams,  June 21, 2015, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr.)

Rev. Dr. Robert L. Barrow, (Shedrick J. Jones Sr.)

James Henry Frazier, May 23, 2015, (Shedrick J. Jones sr)

Bishop Dwight Leroy Haygood, (shedrick J. Jones Sr.)

Albert Fields Sr (Shedrick J. Jones Sr)